The Benefits of Updating Your Storefront Space

November 16, 2020

It’s easy to feel like your storefront is a secondary aspect of your business. Running a business racks up plenty of costs, and aesthetic renovations might seem like an unnecessary expense. 

However, your storefront is one of the most important parts of your sales. It offers a customer a first look at your business, and it silently communicates a bunch of information about your product or service. A successful storefront conveys information about your product, price, work environment/team, and your target audience.


Why Should You Invest in Your Storefront? 

There are plenty of benefits of updating your storefront. We’ll discuss some of the ways a modern storefront can boost your business. 

Advertises Your Product

Your storefront acts as a backdrop for your product or service. When a customer walks into your building, they take in your entire space before they focus on the product or service you sell. With this in mind, you should choose a storefront design that amplifies your business’ main focus. 

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For example, a hardware store would probably opt for bold colors, while a tea shop might choose soft pastels. A coffeehouse will most likely lean toward warm, ambient lighting, while a car dealership will probably choose bright fluorescents. These seemingly subtle design choices are crucial when customers decide whether they like the environment in your store. 

Attracts the Right Customers

Your storefront design should cater to the taste of your target audience. Looking to draw in eco-conscious millennials? Consider using earthy tones and recycled materials in your storefront. If your usual customers are high-end shoppers, your storefront should reflect that - you may have to invest more money in creating a sleek, exclusive look.

Your design doesn’t have to cater to every single customer, but playing into customers’ tastes will generate a great customer experience - one of the most elusive aspects of running a successful business. Updating your storefront is a good first step toward attracting new customers and retaining frequent flyers. 

Modernizes Your Business

Staying current is a huge part of business success over time. To maintain long-term profitability, it’s important to remain flexible in some aspects of your business. Since your storefront is relatively easy to change (compared to your product, for example), investing in it is a great way to keep your business modern. 


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This can also apply to new businesses. Perhaps your commercial space isn’t ideal, and your storefront needs a bit of fine-tuning before you open. Choose to invest early in your business so that you can draw in the right customers. 

How to Improve Your Storefront

So, you’ve decided to renovate your storefront. What can you do to improve your space? There are plenty of ways to enhance your customers’ experience, even on a tight budget. 

Add Windows

Adding or expanding your store’s windows is one of the best ways to modernize your storefront. Windows let in and reflect light, making your space appear bigger and airier. This can be especially helpful for storefronts that are a bit out-of-date or drab.

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Use the Right Colours

Colour is an incredibly important part of branding and storefront design. Understanding colour psychology will help you choose the right hues for your storefront. People are drawn to different colours for a variety of reasons, so you should use colours that match up with your business model. 

For instance, certain colours carry specific connotations: green indicates eco-friendliness, brown and beige evoke nature, red and orange grab attention quickly, blue creates a sense of calm, etc. You can use colour psychology to your advantage to enhance your storefront and appeal to your customers. Plus, changing colours in your storefront won’t cost you too much money - you need only invest in a few gallons of paint to begin attracting new customers. 

Improve Signage

Even though it’s on the outside of the building, your signage is a key part of your business. Choose a font and colors that reflect your product and desired audience. Make sure to invest in proper lighting so that your signage is easily visible. If you have neons, be sure to check and repair them often. 


Reduce Clutter with Custom Cabinetry

Chances are that your target customer would not be impressed walking into a cluttered office or retail space. Keeping extra inventory or essential office materials stashed out of sight is a great way to upgrade your space and make your customers feel more comfortable at your business. 


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S&S specializes in custom cabinetry to meet any space or need, so get in touch to start designing your functional and aesthetic upgrade.

Do a Deep-Clean

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t have the resources for a full storefront overhaul, start instead by deep-cleaning your property. Renting a power washer and cleaning your windows can go a long way towards sprucing up your property. You can hire help with cleaning, or save money by doing the work yourself. 

Think About Accessibility

Aim to make your storefront accessible to as many types of customers as possible. Could a customer navigate your storefront with a wheelchair or walker? If you’re looking to appeal to families, consider making your storefront kid-friendly. If your products aren’t for kids, raise them out of reach. Try to envision customers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds as they navigate your space - will they be as comfortable and safe as possible?


Long-Term Payoff

A business is a huge investment, and your storefront is only one piece of the puzzle. That said, an updated storefront can do wonders for your business’ atmosphere and customer retention. Focus on creating a space your customers love!

Did you know that S&S Woodcraft doesn’t just do residential projects? We also work with commercial businesses to create great storefront spaces (and more!). If you have questions about a commercial endeavor, click below to get a free quote on your storefront renovation project.


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