Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen

July 26, 2020

The kitchen is, arguably, the one room in our homes that we all dream about renovating the most. However, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to freshen up your space. Often, a few small touches are all it takes to revive a boring kitchen. 

If you’ve got the renovation bug but don’t want to break the bank, try a few of these simple ways to make your kitchen feel fresh and personalized. 

Add Unique Cabinet Knobs

Are your cabinets looking a little dull? If so, don’t start tearing them out just yet. Try switching out your current knobs with something fresh and exciting. The style and colour options are nearly endless, especially if you can find something truly special at a flea market or antique shop. You’ll be amazed at how a new set of unique knobs can transform your existing cabinets.

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Personalize Your Breakfast Nook

Your cozy breakfast nook is a perfect place for your children to do their homework or your family to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. You can easily personalize the niche by adding some colourful pillows. Not only do they provide comfort for anyone using the space, but they also help to tie the nook into the rest of your kitchen.

If you have a bench seat, you can reupholster the cushion to give it a fresh, new look. Another quick update is to replace outdated lighting with a modern pendant or some sleek, minimalist recessed lighting. 

Affordable Small Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen - 2


Incorporate a Chalkboard

A trendy way to personalize your kitchen is by adding a chalkboard. The uses are endless, especially if you have kids. The chalkboard can be a fun way to connect with your family while everyone is on the go by writing notes or little reminders for each other. You also can use the board as a running grocery list so that you don’t forget anything or as a dinner planner to let everyone know what’s on the menu.

Add a Pop of Colour

Did you know that the colour of a room influences the tone and feeling people get when they use the space? Though many modern kitchens are sticking with neutrals, adding a pop of colour creates an interesting contrast.

Stick to light colours if your space is small, or reserve the bold, dark colour for a single wall. You can also swap the plain backsplash for something with a bright colour or a splashy pattern. An even quicker change would be to add accent decor like a vividly-coloured vase or a new piece of art for the wall. 


Incorporate a Unique Conversation Piece

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in your home, and you can add a quick personal touch by adding a conversation piece. The options are endless and can be anything from a unique piece of art to retro pendant lighting. If you have a serving platter with a beautiful design, keep it on the island and fill it with fruit. 

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Create a Central Focal Point

If your kitchen were a solar system, then the island would be its sun. Don’t have an island? Add one! A moderate-sized rolling cart can fit in most kitchens, and it doubles as storage and a food prep space. It also gives loved ones a place to gather around when you’re busy whipping up a feast.  


Add Some Fresh Plants

Is your kitchen feeling a little lifeless? Bring some greenery into the room by adding a small plant. If you don’t want to sacrifice any counter space, place a plant on your windowsill. If you cook often, you might enjoy planting some small potted herbs.

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Incorporate a Soft Rug

We often find ourselves standing for long periods in the kitchen, and this can be hard on our bodies. Adding a soft rug can make that hard floor easier on your feet and back. Look for a runner that matches your personality, and then make sure it’s machine washable for easy cleanup.


How Will You Customize Your Space?

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it should reflect your personality. Luckily, there are so many fun changes that you can make that will have a huge impact on the space without doing a full renovation. However, if you decide that you do want to take the plunge into a full renovation, get in touch with one of our design experts and get a quote today. 


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